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I conquered that fear and have replaced stress eating with workouts. Story highlights Losing weight is great for your health, but there are some unexpected things that happen Some of these are good, but some aren't so good for you.

  • 2. Want to build muscle and gain strength? You must progressively overload your muscles..
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But shedding unwanted pounds can also have less-obvious effects, and not always for the better, says Dr. Here are nine things -- the good and the bad -- that you don't normally hear about losing weight:. Your energy levels will skyrocket.

A big energy boost is often the first thing people notice when they start dropping weight. When you're carrying around fewer pounds, you use less energy to simply go about your day, says Tsai. Weight loss also improves oxygen efficiency, so you won't find yourself out of breath so easily when climbing stairs or hustling to catch the bus. In a Swedish study, older women scored better on memory tests after six months of following a weight-loss plan.

Brain scans showed more activity during the encoding process, when memories are formed, and less activity during memory retrieval, suggesting greater recall efficiency. Andreas Pettersson in a news release. Previous research has also linked obesity to poor memory, especially in pear-shaped women who carry extra pounds around their hips. Losing weight can make you feel sexier, but your slimmed-down body -- and that newfound confidence -- won't necessarily strengthen your bond with your spouse.

In a study from North Carolina State University, researchers found that although dropping 60 pounds or more in two years or less usually improved couples' relationships, occasionally a dieter's partner felt jealous or threatened. Your body transformation may force your significant other to consider his or her own health choices, says Dr.

Gail Saltz, Health. Another problem: Your partner may worry about how your personality might change. You know that smoking, sun exposure and radiation can cause cancer, but obesity has been linked to several types of cancers as well, says Tsai. Being overweight causes inflammation that triggers cell changes within the body. And a study published in Obesity Research found that morbidly obese men who underwent bariatric surgery reduced their cancer risk over the following years to roughly that of normal-weight people. If you were depressed before, that may not change.

Does being overweight make you depressed or does being depressed lead to weight gain? And while most people feel happier after they've lost weight, it's not a cure-all. That may be because weight loss doesn't address any underlying problems you may have, says Saltz. Losing a lot of weight in a small amount of time might alter your taste buds. About half said food tasted sharper, while the other half said food tasted duller.

The study authors say more research is needed to determine why the change in taste occurs, but another recent study did have similar findings. The study, from Leicester Royal Infirmary in the United Kingdom, found that three quarters of weight loss surgery patients developed a dislike for certain foods after their operations, most often meat and dairy products.

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When you're carrying around extra pounds, exercising can make your joints hurt and lungs burn more than someone who's at normal weight, says Tsai. Once you start to slim down, exercise will start to feel less like a chore and more like the fun, energizing experience that it should be. Plus, being lighter can also make you faster and stronger. Take running, for example: It's generally believed that for every pound lost, an athlete can shave two seconds off the time it takes to run a mile.

While it's true that weight loss is associated with bone loss, it's only a big concern if you become underweight or follow an unhealthy diet, and the National Osteoporosis Foundation says that the benefits of weight loss usually outweigh the risks. Extra weight can make your bones stronger they have to be, to carry the extra pounds but it also damages joints. And new research suggests that visceral fat around the belly is particularly bad for bones, for both men and women.

Losing weight can help, as well as reduce arthritis symptoms, according to a review published in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Add as many fresh veggies as you can and go low on the cheese. Change your cooking techniques to include more baked, grilled and roasted dishes instead of deep fried food. This way, with a slight modification, you can continue to enjoy all the food that you like.

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Expert Point: When you are out in a restaurant, choose wisely. For example, choose a paneer tikka instead of French Fries. As much as you may disagree, timings and quantities do play a very important role in managing your weight. There are many studies done which demonstrates the fact that late lunch eaters after p. Restricting your food intake post 7 pm also helps in increasing fat loss from your body. Word of caution: Completely removing salt from your daily diet is not recommended.

It is advisable to go salt-free at night just twice or thrice a week. Keep in mind, eating a heavy meal before you sleep is also not good as your body will not be able to digest what you have eaten.

30 Unexpected Benefits of Losing Weight | Eat This Not That

The moral of the story is simple — when you eat from a small plate you eat less. So choose your crockery wisely! Did you know alcohol contains 7 calories per gram? This is almost double the 4 calories per gram from protein and carbohydrates and just 2 calories short of the 9 you get from fat. A 4-ounce glass of red wine contains around 95 calories and a margarita packs a whopping calories.

This is almost half your calorie requirement for the day.

  • 1. Want to lose weight? You have to consume fewer calories than you burn..
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So if you are on a weight loss programme saying goodbye to alcohol is a good idea. The primary purpose of food labels printed at the back of any food item is to ensure that the consumer is making an informed choice. But do we actually read these labels? The answer is no. Understanding what is inside the food we eat could help us make healthier choices. Beware of these silent killers. You will be surprised at how many common everyday packaged food items contain these.

Also, stay away from products that include unhealthy fats like Trans Fats, saturated fat, partially hydrogenated oil or cholesterol. Eating many small meals throughout the day can help you win the battle of the bulge. Snacking often keeps hunger at bay and ensures that your metabolism remains active. The end result — You do not binge-eat! Alternately, when you follow the traditional three meal pattern and consume a huge amount of calories in one meal alone, then your blood sugar may begin to dip after a while leading to hunger pangs.

14 Tricks to Drop Up to 5 Pounds in a Week

Result — You will eat more. According to the American Dietetic Association, those who eat breakfast have an easier time focusing and are generally more productive through the day. Several studies also have shown that breakfast eaters tend to weigh less than breakfast skippers. Aim to include all the nutrients in your breakfast as this will help in curbing hunger throughout the day.

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Weight Loss World Health Day. Fight obesity and make lasting changes to your body by including these healthy eating habits. Say Goodbye To Packaged Food Get rid of all the packaged and processed food within your reach, such as biscuits, cookies, chips, namkeen, etc. Rewarding Is Important No one can live on just boiled veggies forever.