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Return to Book Page. Eithan Galun. Hospital contend that motivation in this field may stem as much from the prospect of being a creator of something new as from producing valuable medical products. They cover the fundamentals of plant molecular genetics and genetic transformations prior to discussing the relation of transgenic "plantibodies" to immunology and therapeutic products unrelated to the immune system.

Further considerations include research gaps and safety issues. Distributed in the US by World Scientific. Annotation c. Book News, Inc. Get A Copy. Published February 26th More Details Original Title. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. This is because they may contain genes from an allergen — a food that prompts an allergic reaction. It is worth noting that there have been no reports of allergic effects of any GMO foods currently on the market. Some researchers believe that eating GMO foods can contribute to the development of cancer. They argue that because the disease is caused by mutations in DNA, it is dangerous to introduce new genes into the body. However, they note that no evidence of harm is not the same as proof of safety and that reaching a conclusion will require more research.

There is concern that genetic modification, which can boost a crop's resistance to disease or make it more tolerant to herbicides, could affect the ability of people to defend against illness. There is a small chance that the genes in food can transfer to cells the body or bacteria in the gut. Some GMO plants contain genes that make them resistant to certain antibiotics. This resistance could pass on to humans. There is growing concern globally that people are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. There is a chance that GMO foods could be contributing to this crisis.

The WHO have said that the risk of gene transfer is low. As a precaution, however, it has set guidelines for the manufacturers of GMO foods. Outcrossing refers to the risk of genes from certain GMO plants mixing with those of conventional crops. There have been reports of low levels of GMO crops approved as animal feed or for industrial use being found in food meant for human consumption.

The Manufacture of Medical and Health Products by Transgenic Plants

In the U. This is because these foods must meet the same safety standards that apply to all FDA-regulated products, and there should be no need for additional regulation. The FDA have determined that a GMO food should be labeled as such if it is "materially different" to its conventional counterpart.

For example:. Under the new rules, all foods containing genetically engineered ingredients will be labeled as "derived from bioengineering" or "bioengineered.

Until the new regulations come into effect, there is no clear way to know whether foods contain GMO ingredients. GMO foods have been available in the U. The most common GMO crops grown in the country are cotton, corn, and soybeans. The U.

Genetically modified organism - GMOs in medicine and research |

Department of Agriculture have reported that 94 percent of soybean and 91 percent of cotton crops were genetically modified by Currently, up to 90 percent of domestic corn acres are made from herbicide-tolerant seeds. Seeds from genetically modified, insect-resistant crops account for 82 percent of all domestic corn planted and 85 percent of all cotton planted in the U. Potatoes, squash, apples, and papayas are also commonly modified.

Because genetic modification can make plants resistant to disease and tolerant of herbicides, the process can increase the amount of food that farmers are able to grow. This can reduce prices and contribute to food security. GMO crops are relatively new, and researchers know little about their long-term safety and health effects. There are several health concerns regarding GMO foods, and evidence for them varies.

Reaching a conclusion will require more research.

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Article last reviewed by Wed 27 February All references are available in the References tab. Antibiotic-resistant genes. BE disclosure. Common questions about diet and cancer. Consumer info about food from genetically engineered plants. Frequently asked questions on genetically modified foods.

Labeling of foods derived from genetically engineered plants. National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard. Recent trends in GE adoption.

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