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Here is an example:. The above type of comment is used on only one line.

Therefore, you can use this technique to span a comment on more than one line. Practical Learning: Creating Comments. Code is written in a wide area with a white background. This is the area you use the keyboard to insert code with common readable characters. The Code Editor uses some colors to differentiate categories of words or lines of text. The colors used are highly customizable. In the Options dialog box, in the Environment section, click Fonts and Colors. To set the color of a category, in the Display Items section, click the category.

In the Item Foreground combo box, select the desired color. If you want the words of the category to have a colored background, click the arrow of the Item Background combo box and select one:. In both cases, the combo boxes display a fixed list of colors. If you want more colors, you can click a Custom button to display the Color dialog box that allows you to "create" a color. Indentation is another feature that makes your program easy to read.

Indentation is a technique of grouping lines of code by category.

Step 1: ​Step 1 (getting Started)

To delimit the items of your code, you should indent them by two empty spaces or one tab. Indentation should be incremental. That is, when a line of code appears to be a child of the previous line, the new line should be indented. We have seen how to create a console application.

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Microsoft Visual C allows you to create various other types of applications. This is why you should first display the New Project dialog box to select your option. Besides console applications, in future lessons, we will start some applications with the Empty Project. We will also learn how to create a library using the Class Library option. We will ignore the other three options in this book. In the left list, expand C , followed by Formatting and click Indentation.

Then change the options on the right side:. In previous versions of Microsoft Visual C namely and , you always had to formally create a project in order to use one and you always had to save it. After realizing that many of the projects that developers or students create are for experimental purposes, Microsoft provided the ability to only temporarily create a project, then to save it or not. Saving a project allows you to keep on a medium so you can refer to it later. The My Documents folder is called your personal drive or your personal directory.

Inside of the Visual Studio folder, it creates a sub-folder named Projects. By default, this is where it would save your projects, each with its own folder.

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To save a project, on the Standard toolbar, you can click the Save All button. A solution is used to coordinate the different aspects of an application that is being created. When you create a project, it represents one detail of the application you have in mind. Besides the code you are writing, you may want to add other items. Instead of one project, in the next sections, we will see that a solution can contain more than one project. When creating a project, the solution holds the same name as the project.

You can see their names in the Solution Explorer:. The solution and a project can have different names.

While working on a project, to rename the solution, in the Solution Explorer, you can click the first node, which is the name of the solution starting with Solution. Then, in the Properties window, click Name and type the name of your choice:. This name is temporary, especially if you have not yet saved the project.

If you want to permanently save a solution for later use, there are two techniques you can use. If you start saving a project for the first time, it would bring the Save Project dialog box. By default, Microsoft Visual Studio selects your personal directory as the path to the solution. This is called the location.

Instructions for Downloading and Installing Visual C# 2008 Express Edition

In the location, Microsoft Visual Studio creates a folder as the solution of the project. The solution must have, or must be stored, in its own folder. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Visual Studio uses the name of the project as the name of the solution. To rename the solution, you can change the string in the Solution Name text box.

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  • Remember that you can enter the name of the project in the Name text box. It uses the name of the solution to name the folder. It creates some files and stores them in that new folder.

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